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Individual concepts for production solutions

Our solutions for efficient production

Our global network develops and implements individual and turnkey production solutions for our customers – and has already developed more than 10,000 different products from the automotive, e-mobility, medical technology, industry and consumer goods sectors. Our decades of know-how help us to adjust each project to meet specific customer requirements. Our contact persons at Schaeffler Special Machinery will guide you through your project. We will support you from the initial idea, through to concept, structural design and commissioning at your premises, and finally successful volume production.

Machine systems for a production value stream that is as economical as possible

Optimally timed machines with a focus on value-creating processes form the basis for economical production. Our concept development process incorporates the experience we have gained from our many years of cooperation with the Schaeffler plants and our understanding that zero-defect production can begin as early as in the initial concept phases. We will be happy to advise you in the area of design for manufacturing or as part of concept workshops at our premises.

The way in which we design machines and systems is evolving. We consider the following topics to be relevant for current and, increasingly, future production:

In addition to sustainable product design, production can also help with a company’s environmental footprint. This includes, for example, using completely environmentally friendly materials and reusing and/or recycling machines and systems. To complement our CO₂ reduction efforts, we also have hardware and software solutions to optimize energy efficiency and take a holistic approach to sustainability for our own supply chains and mechanical engineering.

Automation technology describes the use of technology and software to improve accuracy and efficiency, for example. Production processes are automated in a data-driven manner, not just through the use of fully automatic systems or robot integration, but in particular also using digital applications. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are clear trends with which we are engaging as part of our automation efforts.

At Schaeffler Special Machinery, we take a holistic approach to turnkey systems, which means that our customers receive complete production lines from machine to control system. We provide support – from idea through to commissioning and on-site production monitoring. As a general contractor, we integrate specialized applications from outside our portfolio – for example painting or washing processes – into our concepts via subcontractors.

Our specialists at Schaeffler Special Machinery have an understanding of modern, comprehensive production concepts, with a view to lean, modular and scalable production. We focus on creating value for products and designing production processes in independent modules. These modules can be flexibly adjusted to market needs and capacities can be increased so as to optimize investment. The resulting scalability of the projects allows our customers to respond to changes in demand quickly and cost-effectively, and to consider future growth.

We offer more than just innovative production solutions

To help us work together, our project teams need information about your individual goals and product requirements. We will use this information to develop the best solution for you.

Production planning and control
We will help you to organize your production processes so that the right products are produced in the right quantities at the right time. Consistent planning and control is the foundation for optimizing production processes, reducing waste and bottlenecks, and improving productivity.

Quality assurance
Our quality assurance solutions ensure that your products meet the required standards. For example, we can integrate automatic inspection and testing systems or even optimize manual processes.

Process optimization
We will help you to create production processes that ensure high efficiency while reducing costs. Applying lean or Six Sigma methods offers the opportunity to improve your processes.

Design for manufacturing
Our many years of production and process experience are the foundation by which we can help you to optimally design your products in a manner that is focused on production. Product design has a significant, direct impact on production costs and can also affect the degree of automation that may be possible at a later date.

Production solutions from Schaeffler Special Machinery
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