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Multi-material 3D printing

3D printing with simultaneous use of different materials

Today, 3D printing methods (also known as additive manufacturing) are widely used in both private and industrial environments. Applying material layer by layer allows for a completely unprecedented level of design freedom and personalization and reduces production costs.

Today, different methods are used to print plastics, metals and ceramics in industrial environments. In the future, our technology will make it possible to print components in one piece from a variety of materials – even in serial production.

Schaeffler Special Machinery at Rapid.Tech 3D 2024

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14 – 16 May 2024 in Erfurt | Hall 2, Booth 505

Experience the presentation of the OmniFusion 3D: Our new system redefines the standards in additive manufacturing with metallic multi-materials. The OmniFusion 3D enables unique material combinations and flexibility in form. Individual, free design of products & tools is therefore possible. Secure your free ticket and be there!

Experience OmniFusion 3D

Our multi-material printing method

Working in collaboration with our partner for material application processes, we have developed a 3D printing machine that can create 3D-printed parts from a combination of metals and ceramics. We are pursuing a holistic approach to production, from designing the 3D geometry through to the finished component.

Together with our partners, we offer a range of services that encompasses the printers themselves – software included – and provision of the printed material. Supplementary services, such as “design to print” or machine measurement and calibration ensure robust production of the 3D-printed products.

Our multi-material printing method

Innovative material application method

Innovative material application method

In this printing method, layers of materials are applied to the print bed. Up to three different materials are introduced from integrated powder reservoirs into what is known as a recoater. The recoater places the different powers side by side – layer by layer – on the work platform. A laser welding process gradually fuses the individual layers together. Multiple laser sources and scanners ensure optimized processing of a wide range of materials. Printing takes place in a process chamber protected by argon inert gas.

We have unique expertise when it comes to multi-material 3D printing, especially because we have the know-how to choose the right materials and can provide a consulting service for individual product design. Our knowledge of the optimum machine parameters help us to achieve an excellent print result.

Machine details

  • Component size: 250 mm x 250 mm x 250 mm
  • Accuracy 0.2 mm
  • Layer thickness: 40–200 µm
  • Density: e.g. copper 99% and steel 99.9%

Benefits to the customer from multi-material printing

Today, 3D printing has long since established itself across the board as an alternative solution for producing workpieces, after centuries of sawing, milling, grinding or ablation. Multi-material 3D printing offers almost unlimited possibilities:

  • unique material combinations and functional integration
  • design flexibility for individual, free product design
  • respond quickly to evolving market requirements and designs
  • minimize material waste and thus contribute to achieving sustainability goals. 

Our machine, which has been developed especially for multi-material 3D printing, is a milestone for the use of additive manufacturing methods.

2023-10-26 | Herzogenaurach

Additive manufacturing: Schaeffler acquires Belgian startup Aerosint SA

  • Schaeffler buys Aerosint SA from U.S. firm Desktop Metal, strengthening its market position in additive manufacturing technologies
  • “Schaeffler Aerosint SA” to be integrated into the Schaeffler Group as an additional Schaeffler Special Machinery location
  • Innovative coating technology using power-based laser fusion makes additive manufacturing cost-effective


Additive manufacturing with metal multi-material

Our 3D-multimaterial additive manufacturing system - OmniFusion 3D - sets new benchmarks for the industrial application of metal multi-material additive manufacturing.

Additive manufacturing with metal multi-material

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