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Process control systems for monitoring and controlling industrial processes

Production data processing with our process control system

Due to the increasing requirements with regard to quality documentation, the expectation of electronic systems for the recording, evaluation and reproducibility of production and product data is also increasing.

We are developing our Smart.Control control system for this purpose. This offers the visualization and diagnosis of systems, the control, tracking and documentation of the manufacturing process as well as a central data collection for parts traceability. This makes the process auditable. The process control system can be connected to any control system. It is integrated to automate processes in systems that require a central control component. All productive systems are automatically monitored by a system that informs the relevant users in the event of faults, for example.

Overview of the functionalities of the process control system

Production control

Various functions and controls enable the control of parts on the system and between different systems. They provide the data for monitoring the process sequence on the machine. Examples of these functions and controls are parts list control, recording of part and batch statuses and control of measurement characteristics.

Machine analysis

Machine operating states and causes of faults can be recorded, visualized and evaluated by PLC-controlled equipment. In addition, the parts produced are recorded and a distinction is made between good, reject, rework and set-up parts. This data is used to evaluate machine availability.

Tracking and tracing

The Tracking & Tracing module offers the option of displaying and saving the current status of a part on the system so that the complete processing cycle of a part can be documented and traced. In addition, production or batch-specific evaluations are possible by recording the quality data.

Type or composition management

In addition to the central order changeover of the machines connected to the control system, the type and recipe management also allows the maintenance and storage of order-dependent parameter settings. The parameters/recipes and order information stored in the management system are sent to the machines during the changeover.


Reports for different user groups can be called up ad hoc from the data collected by the process control system. The web-based display allows flexible access. These reports can also display an up-to-date overview of the machine, status, errors and parts production directly on andon boards on the systems.

Data exchange with ERP systems

Our process control system

  • supports all customary standard protocols for machine connection
  • enables integration and data exchange with ERP systems, FTP servers or file servers
  • allows higher-level checks to be performed, e.g. by means of QA blocks, SAP-based parts list control, the existence of files such as camera images, external measured values, etc.
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