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Semi-automatic measuring devices for analyzing rolling bearings

Standardized measuring devices for bearing tests

With more than 60 years of experience in producing different bearing types from the rolling bearing family, we offer a large range of measuring devices. Our expertise comes from a single source, which brings huge benefits for our customers: Thanks to our deep understanding of the requirements of bearing production and our knowledge of the development and production of machines and systems, we are your partner when it comes to bearing measuring devices.

Example applications for our measuring devices

Our measuring systems and tests are dependent on the bearing types to be tested and the outer diameter ranges. Our portfolio of standardized measuring systems includes tests for analyzing:

  • dimensions
  • axial and radial clearance
  • projection
  • Noise
  • frictional torque
  • Waviness

All our semi-automatic devices have suitable measurement computers included in the delivery. These industry-standard computers are robust and real-time capable and can be flexibly equipped and configured.

Excerpt from semi-automatic standardized measuring devices

Axial clearance measuring devices

Axial clearance measuring devices

  • Measurement of the axial displacement between the inner and outer ring of a rolling bearing
  • Used with deep groove, tapered roller and angular contact ball bearings, as well as four-point contact bearings
  • Repeat precision of 2.5 nm
  • Cycle time from 20 s, depending on the bearing size
Noise tester measuring devices

Noise tester measuring devices

  • Used to test the noise behavior of rolling bearings
  • Used with deep grove and angular contact ball bearings, needle and cylindrical roller bearings and axial needle roller and cage assemblies
  • Measurement load infinitely variable between 50 and 600 N
  • Cycle time approx. 10 s
Frictional torque measuring devices

Frictional torque measuring devices

  • Measurement of the axial load-dependent frictional torque
  • Used with 2-row angular contact ball bearings and taper roller bearings
  • Repeat precision of 0.7 Ncm
  • For bearings with outer diameters between 35 and 160 mm
Waviness measuring devices

Waviness measuring devices

  • Testing waviness and end face runout
  • Used with rotationally symmetrical components, in particular cylindrical rollers and other rolling elements
  • Outer diameter ranges between 18 and 1000 mm

Handheld measuring devices for individual tests

With our handheld measuring devices, we can offer a solution to all your measuring needs. Handheld measuring equipment expands our portfolio of semi-automatic systems to cover the full range of our customers’ requirements portfolio. For example, enveloping circle gauges or cone measuring devices are very popular with our customers at the moment.

User training courses for standardized measuring devices

We are happy to offer you specifically designed user training courses for each of our measuring devices. In small groups, we can focus our training courses on practical aspects of working with the machines, systematic troubleshooting and handling small repairs.

Learn more about our training courses

User training courses for standardized measuring devices
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